Little Red Sailboat

An indie game developer in New Zealand embarking on a journey...

Who am I?

About Little Red Sailboat

Hi my name is Matt and I'm an indie game developer in New Zealand, on a mission to create interesting and unique games.

Outside of my day job I spend most nights and weekends working on my Android/iOS projects (with some VR experiments for good measure). I've just launched my first game on Android and iOS, and have another bigger mobile project also moving towards launch - stay tuned for details!

What's with the name?

When I was a child, my father fixed up an old sailing dinghy, which he painted bright red. Some of the best memories I have from my childhood were of us taking that little red sailboat out into the ocean, with rare Hectors dolphins leaping alongside in the wake. Now it is my turn to take a little red sailing boat out into the unknown, and create something I hope my father would have been proud of!

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Tell me more about the Games



Speed Boaty

Speed Boaty Official Website

The year is 1984... Miami is a hotbed of speedboats, inexplicable marine ramps, sharks, and cruiseships...

The Ocean Is A Dangerous Place!

Dodge and jump your boat through endless fast-paced danger on the high seas that's different every time you play!

Free on Android and iOS - Available now!

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Tennish is the Worlds first Tree-Climbing Tennis game! Check it out, it's free and extremely addictive!

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